Child Care Licensing

Proposed Child Care Ordinance Public Hearing

The City of Boise invites you to provide comment on the proposed child care ordinance, including Boise Healthy Child Care Initiatives. If approved, the changes would affect child care providers in the City of Boise through modifications to worker-to-child ratios, as well as training and licensing requirements.

A summary of the proposed changes include: 

  • Healthy Initiatives
    • Limited sedentary, non-educational screen time
    • Creating opportunities for daily physical activity
    • Meeting nutrition standards for meals and snacks, if provided
    • Establishing a location for infant feeding
  • Worker-to-child-ratios
  • Training requirements

Boise City Council Public Hearing Staff Report

The staff report that was presented to the City Council during the September 9, 2014 public hearing can be accessed here.

Boise City Council Public Hearing Video

The video from the public hearing on the proposed child care ordinance can be accessed here.

Proposed Child Care Ordinance ORD-36-14

The proposed child care ordinance (ORD-36-14) can be accessed here.

Please provide your written comments regarding the proposals to:
Boise City Clerk's Office
PO Box 500
Boise, Idaho 83701
Fax:  208.384.3711

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 Purpose of Licensing

Through our licensing and field based compliance program, our office seeks to promote a child care environment:

  • that is affordable and accessible to children of all ages;
  • where children receive safe, healthy, and developmentally appropriate care;
  • where child care providers are of good moral character and encouraged to become career professionals;
  • where parents have the information and skills needed to make appropriate child care choices;
  • where our office works together with parents, employers, providers, schools, and other community organizations, to accomplish and maintain high quality standards of care.

Licensing Programs

The Office of the City Clerk licenses all child care providers operating within city limits. In order to gain and maintain a child care license in good standing, a provider must undergo a FBI background check, complete annual approved training in child development and CPR, maintain a two year certification in pediatric first-aid, comply with all health, building, and fire codes, and maintain proper adult-to-child supervision ratio's. Our licenses are divided into three distinct categories:

Family Home  1-6 children
Group Home1 7-12 children
Commercial Center2 13 or more children or home that is not owner's primary residence
Fire Safety Print the Annual Checklist for your facility

1 (requires P&Z Administrative Review before applying for a license)
2 (requires Building Occupancy Permit and P&Z Conditional Use Permit before applying for a license)

Child care facility operators and child care workers need to apply at the Office of the Boise City Clerk located at City Hall, 150 North Capital Blvd.

Licensing Fees

For an updated license fee, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (208) 384-3710. 

Referral Services

A new GIS supported child care locator is available by going to Child Care Locator. This service is available free to any user and will provide you with a map-based representation of all licensed child care facilities within the City of Boise. Address, Telephone and Facility Type indicators are available by clicking on any individual child care facility found on the map. Our office does not charge for these services.

The Office of the City Clerk keeps digitally imaged files on all licensed child care providers within the City of Boise. These files contain health, fire and field inspection information, as well as, any compliant information (if made and verified) since the provider first opened. All Parents, after making a public records request in writing at the City Clerk's office, can view these files and evaluate providers accordingly.

  • Our office does not give any kind of recommendation concerning specific providers.
  • Our office can provide a list of providers broken out by Zip Code and Facility Type.
  • Our office recognizes the Parent as the ultimate authority in choosing child care.
  • Our office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Resource Services

   City Licensing: 384-3710    City Licensing Fax: 384-3711
   Central District Health: 327-7499       Boise Fire Inspections: 570-6500
   Building Permits: 384-3802    Zoning Permits: 384-3830
   Child Abuse Hotline: 334-0808
  or 334-6800 (abuse or licensing)
   Idaho Stars: 211 or 1-800-926-2588
   Library Youth Services: 384-4200       Idaho State Licensing: 334-6800  

Important Updates

April 2008 - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued final regulations on a new Renovation Repair and Paint (RRP) rule. The rule has a two-year phase-in period, and will affect child-occupied facilities and even schools constructed before 1978.  Please review the pamphlet "RENOVATE RIGHT".  In additions, you can review "Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right: EPA's Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Program" at