City Elections

2015 Election Results

Election results can be accessed through the Ada County Elections Office.

Elections for City Council are held every two years with three of the six seats up for election. Election of the Mayor is held every four years. City Council members and the Mayor serve four year terms.

2017 Mayor and Council Members

Seat Re-election Year Current Terms
Mayor 2019 David H. Bieter 4 Years
Council Seat 1 2019 Lauren Mclean 4 Years
Council Seat 2 2017 Ben Quintana 4 Years
Council Seat 3 2019 Scot M. Ludwig 4 Years
Council Seat 4 2017 TJ Thomson 4 Years
Council Seat 5 2019 Elaine Clegg 4 Years
Council Seat 6 2017 Maryanne Jordan 4 Years

The City of Boise provides an election process that is open, fair, and responsive to the needs of all eligible citizens. The City Clerk's principal election responsibilities include: overseeing candidate filing, including declaration of candidacy, certification of treasurer and campaign financial reports; verifying information provided by candidates; communicating and transmitting ballot language and candidate information to the County Elections Office; and publishing notices and official vote results.

The Ada County Clerk is responsible for coordinating and conducting city elections.

Your comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated. To provide comments or for further information please contact the Boise City Clerk's Office at (208)972-8150 or e-mail: