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The 2013 City Council election will be held on November 5 for Seats 2, 4 and 6. Each City Council Seat represents the full population of the City and are not elected by a specific geographic region or population. During each election three of the six members of the City Council shall stand for re-election for a four year term.

Below is information on candidates running for the designated Boise City Council Seats.  New candidate information is posted with 24 to 48 hours of filing.

  • Council Seat 2

    • Ben Quintana
      Ben Quintana (Incumbent) More Information

      Ben Quintana is a business and economic development advocate, dedicated volunteer and civic leader in Boise. He is passionate about his community and works hard to make a difference and improve the quality of life for Boise’s citizens.

      Ben’s expertise and strengths include leadership development, initiating strategic partnerships and forging new opportunities for economic growth. Ben currently works as the Program Manager for Leadership Development at St. Luke’s Health System – Idaho’s largest health care provider and largest private employer – where he leads the development and execution of the organization’s leadership development strategy.

      Ben Quintana's full City Council profile can be seen here:

    • Tyler Smith
      Tyler Smith More Information

      As a Boise native, Tyler Smith cares deeply for this community. Since his teen years, he has been actively involved in contributing to many beneficial organizations including Anti-Racist Action, Move to Amend, and the ACLU.

      He has supported his family as a Union Journeyman Ironworker for over a decade. His leadership skills on and off the jobsite have made him a highly sought after team member, bringing him to work in many cities across the country. With these experiences, Tyler has seen programs and initiatives that foster growth in those communities. He understands what works for working families.

      Tyler has no interest in making a career out of politics, but to instead be an advocate for the ordinary citizens of Boise that may be impacted by the decisions of the City Council.

      Tyler is a devoted husband and father. He enjoys bicycling all around town, camping, and snowboarding. He loves to go hiking and exploring with his wife, son and 2 dogs. He is always enthusiastic to visit any of the unique local restaurants, shops and businesses located in and around Boise.

      Tyler Smith brings a young, pragmatic, family oriented perspective to the table. He is determined to assist the community in growing, and looks forward to making a positive difference in Boise.

  • Council Seat 4

    • TJ Thomson
      TJ Thomson (Incumbent) More Information

      Learn more about TJ Thomson at

      Contact TJ directly at or 208.559.6010 (cell)

      TJ Thomson was elected to the Boise City Council in November 2009.  TJ has placed a priority on healthy initiatives with a goal of making Boise the “Healthiest City in America.” TJ believes it will take bold policy action at the local level in order to ‘move the needle’ and reverse the trends on childhood obesity in Idaho.

      TJ is a proud Idaho native and Air Force Veteran. Following military service, TJ attended Boise State University (BSU), becoming heavily involved in both the Boise community, through volunteer service activities, and the university policy making process, as BSU Student Body President. TJ graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and then continued his studies at Indiana University in Bloomington, attaining a Master of Public Affairs (MPA) Degree in Policy Analysis and Public Management. TJ is also a Certified Internal Auditor with the Institute of Internal Auditors.

      TJ has built nearly 15 years of experience as a steward of fiscal responsibility at the federal, state, and private levels. At the federal level, with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) in Washington D.C., he worked as a Space Policy Analyst on NASA programs – focusing heavily on finding tax payer savings on costly government initiatives, as well as improvements to Space Shuttle safety. While working in Washington DC, TJ also served as a Human Rights Commissioner, was trained as a community mediator, and helped organize the annual Martin Luther King Celebration. Upon returning to Idaho, TJ worked for the Idaho Office of Performance Evaluations (OPE) as a Program Evaluator. OPE is a nonpartisan, independent office that serves the Legislature by evaluating whether state government programs and agencies are operating efficiently, could operate more cost-effectively, and are achieving intended results. Presently, TJ works for Idaho Power Company as a Certified Internal Auditor – a role that focuses on the efficient use of resources and the integration of controls to promote ethical and open company practices.

      An engaged citizen and active community organizer, TJ lives in West Boise with his wife, Alisha. Together, they enjoy the many wonderful aspects of living in Idaho, including: fishing, skiing, boating, and biking & hiking in Boise’s beautiful foothills with their two Finnish Lapphunds. The couple also enjoys scuba diving together and camping all across Idaho in the great outdoors.

    • Jill G. Humble
      Jill G. Humble More Information

      Jill Humble is a registered nurse and educator. She and her husband fell in love with the people and city of Boise after a visit in 2004 and located soon after.  Her dream has been to serve the people of Boise and believes there is no time like the present. 

      Jill brings expertise to the city council position through her ability to work successfully with and through leaders in various setting. Having worked in various state, academic and healthcare capacities she will bring knowledge as an administrator, counselor, and leader.   During those work experiences she was responsible for administrative decisions, interpretation of local, state and national rules, regulations, and policies.  Her background  in hospital risk management and systems development will offer an approach to help produce comprehensive, efficient, and effective solutions for those things that make life better for those living in Boise.

      Currently, Jill is in the Board of Nursing’s Program for Recovering Nurses (PRN) Advisory Committee and the Suicide Prevention Action Network Volunteer. 

      Jill has an AAS from Elgin Community College, BS in Nursing and MSEd in Education from Northern Illinois University. While working for Boise State University she attained a Post Master Certificate in Nursing Education from Nebraska Methodist College.  She is also a National Certified Counselor. (NCC). I may be reached at

    • Bill Jarocki
      Bill Jarocki More Information

      Bill Jarocki is the President of Voltaic Solutions, LLC, a municipal management and finance consulting firm.  A Boise resident for 30 years, Bill Jarocki was the Executive Director of the Association of Idaho Cities and served on the Board of Directors of the National League of Cities.  For over 35 years, Bill has applied innovation to the challenges that governments face throughout the world.  He received two National Performance Review awards for Reinventing Government.  His background in public finance includes serving as the Director of the Environmental Finance Center at BSU, where his innovative methodologies and software tools are still being utilized throughout America.  At BSU Bill also served as an adjunct faculty member in the College of Social Science and Public Affairs, specializing in Environmental Politics.  His broad governmental experience includes; Chief of the Research and Analysis Bureau at the Idaho DEQ, Deputy Director of the Association of Indiana Counties, and Performance Auditor for the Indiana General Assembly.  Jarocki assisted Senator Kempthorne in amending the Safe Drinking Water Act. Jarocki received his BA degree from Northwestern University, and a Master of Public Administration degree from Boise State University. Contact Email:


  • Council Seat 6

    • Maryanne Jordan
      Maryanne Jordan (Incumbent) More Information

      Maryanne was appointed to fill a vacancy in the Council on March 4, 2003, and re-elected to that seat in November 2003.  She currently serves as Council President.  

      Maryanne was a small business co-owner. She and her husband, Rocky, are the former owners of Cop Shop Etc. She has substantial experience in local government, formerly serving on the Boise City Planning & Zoning Commission, as President of the West Valley Neighborhood Association, and as Facilitator of the Boise Neighborhood Alliance.

      Maryanne Jordan's full City Council profile can be seen here:

    • Paul Edmond Fortin
      Paul Edmond Fortin More Information

      Paul Fortin, born in Boise Idaho 1951, is a fourth generation Idahoan, second generation Boise firefighter, Vietnam veteran, and 1970 graduate of Bishop Kelly. He is the 4th of 5 children. He comes from humble beginnings having grown up in a 500 sq ft triplex, making trips to his grandparents to take baths.

      In 1978 Paul bought a small house in Boise's North end. After passing the entrance test for the Boise Fire Department at the top of his class he served two years with the department. In 1978 Prop 1 passed and in 1979 Paul and 28 other firefighters were laid off. During the 21 months that Paul was laid off he worked 3 part time jobs and finished his accounting degree from BSU. Then was rehired to the fire department in 1981.

      During his 25-year tenure on the Boise Fire Department, Paul serviced as a line firefighter, emergency medical technician, fire prevention educator and arson investigator. Paul retired in 2005 after years of dedicated service that included his getting Fire Fighter of the Year, for going above and beyond his duties and was an Internationally Certified
      Arson Investigator.

      Paul is running for city council because like you, he love Boise, and he believe we need strong leaders with integrity, and innovative ideas, to propel our city forward. We need thoughtful leadership as we work to solve the issues facing our city and to promote a positive and inclusive climate that attracts business and families. Paul’s experience
      along with a true passion for our community is what's needed to promote this vision. To support growth we need a safe and sustainable infrastructure; to include roads, parks, trails, and open spaces.

      Find out more about Paul:

    • R. Bryce Petersen
      R. Bryce Petersen More Information

      Bryce Petersen, was born and raised in Boise Idaho to conservative parents, who taught him at a young age the value of being politically aware. This caused him to become a strong defender of individual liberty.  He is an enemy of force and defends only principles of non-aggression

      He was home educated, and is a defender of freedom of education. He believes how a child receives their education is up to the parents and the children to decide among themselves and the government has no right to influence, persuade, or force anything on them.

      He, as a (somewhat radical) Libertarian, is opposed to the governments use of force, which is why if he wins the election refuses to take even one penny of tax payer dollars for his service, as he believes good ideas do not require force and will fight to decrease your taxes anyway possible. He is a defender of your individual liberty and will do all that is in his power to insure that it is preserved and enhanced. This is why he is running for office in your city council.

      Raised as a lover of freedom, he has participated in protests to defend it and is currently organizing a protest against the war on Syria, because he believes when you show freedom of speech against your oppressors, they sometimes become compelled to listen. Voting for him in November, means giving yourself radical freedom.

      Contact Information: 208-484-3536 or


The Boise City Council on September 10, 2013 voted to place on the November 5, 2013 general election ballot a bond package to enhance public safety, protect critical natural areas and improve and expand parks in underserved neighborhoods.

The $32.9 million bond package includes $16.9 million to improve neighborhood safety and emergency response services by building a new fire training facility and rebuilding four aging fire stations; $15.5 million to protect critical natural areas, wildlife habitat and clean water and to improve and expand parks in underserved neighborhoods; and required bond issuance costs. One hundred percent of bond proceeds will be used for the specified purposes as verified by annual independent audits. Repair and construction projects will incorporate energy, water, and other conservation measures.  

The bond proposal will be presented to voters as two questions: the first seeking authorization for the fire safety proposal; the second seeking authorization for the open spaces and parks proposal.  Both questions require a two-thirds majority for passage.

If approved, the bond package is estimated to cost the average homeowner around $12 per year.

For more information on the bond package, visit []