2011 Election Candidates

  • Mayor

    • David Bieter
      David Bieter (Incumbent) More Information

      David H. Bieter was elected Mayor of Boise in 2003 on the promise of making it the most livable city in the country. With his re-election in 2007 and again in 2011, Bieter continues to deliver on that pledge with new neighborhood libraries and parks, a strong economic development program and a commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

      Born and raised in Boise, Bieter is a graduate of Bishop Kelly High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in International Studies at The College of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., before completing his Juris Doctorate at University of Idaho College of Law. He gained expertise in municipal issues as civil counsel to Bonner County in Sandpoint, as civil prosecutor and land-use specialist in the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office, and later as a private attorney. He was chosen to assume his father’s seat in the Idaho House of Representatives after both of his parents, Pat and Eloise Bieter, were killed in an automobile accident in 1999. Voters elected him to full terms in the House in 2000 and again in 2002.

      David Bieter's full Mayor profile can be seen here: mayor.cityofboise.org/city-council/about-the-mayor/

    • David B. Hall
      David B. Hall More Information
      No candidate bio provided.
    • Tom Kettwig
      Tom Kettwig More Information

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  • Council Seat 1

    • Lauren Mclean
      Lauren Mclean More Information

      Lauren is President and Owner of the Confluence Group, helping donor alliances, philanthropists, and foundations to increase the impact of philanthropy.  Informed by her background in strategic planning, advocacy, and socially responsible investment management, she creates results-oriented strategic-giving strategies where values and philanthropy converge.

      Previously, Lauren was part of the portfolio management team at Trillium Asset Management, the oldest and largest investment firm devoted solely to socially responsible investing.  She served as a junior analyst covering utilities and as part of the Utility Stakeholder team at CERES.  She led a Shareholder resolution requiring Idaho Power to adopt carbon reduction guidelines, the first in the country to receive over 50% support.

      Lauren Mclean's full City Council profile can be seen here: mayor.cityofboise.org/city-council/council-member-lauren-mclean/

  • Council Seat 2

    • Ben Quintana
      Ben Quintana More Information

      Ben Quintana is a business and economic development advocate, dedicated volunteer and civic leader in Boise. He is passionate about his community and works hard to make a difference and improve the quality of life for Boise’s citizens.

      Ben’s expertise and strengths include leadership development, initiating strategic partnerships and forging new opportunities for economic growth. Ben currently works as the Program Manager for Leadership Development at St. Luke’s Health System – Idaho’s largest health care provider and largest private employer – where he leads the development and execution of the organization’s leadership development strategy.

      Ben Quintana's full City Council profile can be seen here:  mayor.cityofboise.org/city-council/council-member-ben-quintana/

    • Michael Cunningham
      Michael Cunningham More Information
      No candidate bio provided.
    • Lawrence (L.W.) Johnson
      Lawrence (L.W.) Johnson More Information
      No candidate bio provided.
  • Council Seat 3

    • David Eberle
      David Eberle (Incumbent) More Information

      David Eberle is a professional economist who has provided financial consultation and worked with a variety of Treasure Valley government agencies for the past decade. His work with governmental agencies includes the analysis of the economic consequences of road design, economic feasibility of urban core redevelopment, the economic feasibility of urban renewal and development impact fees.

      David has a proven track record as a small business operator, including former management of the Owyhee Plaza Hotel, redevelopment of the old Boise City Hall and serving on the Board of Directors for a family hotel management company.

      David Eberle's full profile can be seen here: http://mayor.cityofboise.org/city-council/council-member-david-eberle/


    • David A. Honey
      David A. Honey More Information
      No candidate bio provided.
  • Council Seat 5

    • Elaine Clegg
      Elaine Clegg (Incumbent) More Information

      Elaine Clegg was elected to the Boise City Council in November 2003 and served as Council President in January 2007. Clegg has been active in local government in the Treasure Valley for nearly twenty years. She has been Idaho Smart Growth Co-Executive Director since May 1998. An Idaho native, Clegg became active in growth management issues by serving her neighborhood association as a board member and president.

      Clegg's City Council duties include serving on the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS) Board of Directors, on the Growth Management Team for the City of Boise and as City Arts Commission Liaison. She also serves onthe COMPASS Congestion Management team, on the Management and Coordinating Council for ValleyRide and on the Downtown Mobility Study team for the City of Boise and she is a member of the Boise School District Facilities Committee and the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce Transportation, Local Government and Education Committees.

      Elaine Clegg's full City Council profile can be seen here:  mayor.cityofboise.org/city-council/council-member-elaine-clegg/