Caleb Hansen

Caleb Hansen is a hard working small business owner and community leader. He’s a dedicated advocate for affordability, livability, community engagement, and creating and maintaining a city which is safe and welcoming to all residents regardless of race, gender, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion, past military service, and immigration status. In 2016 Caleb was entrusted with one of four key roles leading the largest political caucus in the nation's history. He’s worked successfully to open the political process and has volunteered his time helping to protect the sovereignty of Tribal Nations. Caleb’s a leader in Idaho's Add the Words movement, educating, lobbying, and engaging to end discrimination against gay and transgender Idahoans. In 2016 Caleb served on the Democratic National Convention’s credentials committee, ensuring participation by independent voters and delegates of all political backgrounds. Like thousands of other Boiseans, Caleb lives within the area of impact of the F35 fighter jets. He’s concerned politics not take precedence over long term increases in stress and noise levels in neighborhoods across the city. One of the biggest challenges Boise faces is maintaining affordability to keep our city livable for all. From increasing public transportation and low cost housing options, to addressing increasing property taxes, and scaling fines and fees to income, it’s time for the city to better focus on improving wages and the economy by promoting local businesses. Affordability needs to be a priority for Boise now in ways it’s never been before.