Crispin Gravatt

I was born and raised in Idaho. I am the oldest of eight children, and the product of a dedicated public servant mother, hardworking father, and an inspiring stepfather who serves our nation in the armed forces. Currently, I serve the educators and students of Idaho through his work with the Idaho STEM Action Center.

After graduating from Boise High School, I attended Boise State University. My involvement in campus life began as a student advisor to Boise State’s curriculum update. From there, I helped initiate Bystander Intervention trainings to prevent sexual assault and relationship violence, conducted original research, and mentored students in various topics ranging from community involvement to social justice and volunteerism.

In 2014, I had the honor of representing ten states and territories as a Human Rights Delegate to an international summit. I learned how to navigate discussions with a broad array of representatives from business, government, diplomatic, and social groups. In this position, I advocated for stronger global support of education for women and girls, for the advancement of LGBT rights, and against the destruction of precious natural resources.

As a member of City Council, I will ensure the success of all Boise residents by creating strong and sustainable partnerships where none exist now. Boise is thriving for many folks, and I believe it is now our responsibility to share our successes with the neighborhoods and people who are still struggling. By sharing our success, we can ensure that Boise’s future is for everyone.

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