Frank Walker

I am a particularly fortunate person.  I met my wife, Annie, while at law school.  It was her desire to return to her hometown of Boise, and I had the good sense to agree.   For 30 years we have lived and worked here and enjoyed the many wonderful opportunities that the City has had to offer.  Our children received excellent public educations and are prospering as young adults.  

That is why I am running for the Boise City Council, Seat 2.  I want to ensure that my family and yours have the same great opportunities to live and work.  The present Boise City Mayor and Council are progressive and are doing a great job making Boise the most livable city in the nation.  With my knowledge in local government, I will join a team to nurture Boise’s future.

There are many issues that need to be addressed; health and safety, transportation, affordable housing, neighborhood redevelopment, growth and business development as well as social issues that are being ignored or aggravated at the state and federal levels.  There is a great deal to do, but Boise is in a great position to plan, develop its future and do things right.

My experience is extensive.  I have been a county commissioner, a city attorney, a hearing officer, served on numerous boards and have represented clients in local matters.  I understand land use and development and have participated in hundreds of hearings over the years.  I know quality applications and will support growth in a smart and sensible way.  I can apply the skills I have learned over 25 years in local government to the vision I hold for the City and work effectively on your behalf.