Logan J. Kimball

As a Boise native, I’ve seen our city experience many changes. I believe that as our population continues to grow, the greatest threat we face is a decline in our unique quality of life. However, with the right leadership, I believe Boise’s future can be even brighter than our past.

Our opinions and ideas for the future of Boise are as diverse as the residents who live here. In my opinion, I believe there are three overarching areas we need to prioritize in order to protect our quality of life.

Above all else, I want my family, and yours, to live in the safest community possible. I believe we need to commit to better funding and increased support for the Boise Police Department. Boise has always been such a great place to live, work, and raise a family because our citizens feel safe. However, as our population increases, our officers are challenged more than ever. Three officers were shot in the last year alone. By strengthening our first responders, we strengthen every aspect of our community.

Secondly, we need to reprioritize the areas where we’re currently spending money. Fiscal responsibility is the lifeblood of any successful community and we need to cut wasteful spending in Boise. I believe we need to work to be as efficient as possible while always trying to lower taxes and lessen regulations for our citizens.

Lastly, with a growth in population comes an inevitable increase in traffic. One of the reasons people love living and working in Boise is the amazing accessibility our city provides. While working to increase accessibility for citizens via all modes of transportation, we need to work towards fiscally responsible solutions that lessen traffic congestion.

For more information about me, my background, or my stances on issues important in your life, please visit VoteLoganKimball.com and contact me. I’d be honored to hear your concerns and earn your vote to represent you on the next Boise City Council. God bless you and the City of Trees!

Website: VoteLoganKimball.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/votelogankimball/