Michelle Doane

On November 2, 1998, as I drove the U-haul from Idaho Falls and crested the hill by Blacks Creek Rest Area the lights of Boise touched my soul and I knew I was home. 

I moved to Boise to start a new job with CSHQA architects and engineers.  Part of my new job was to present convenience store development projects to Design Review committees, Planning and Zoning committees and City Councils.  Although none were in Boise or even Idaho, it ignited in me an interest in city government and public process.  In the same year I came to Boise my stepfather, Don Pischner, was re-elected to his third term in the Idaho Legislature as House Representative for District 4.  His involvement in state government only added to my interest. 

In 2006, I made the move from private industry to public service at the Idaho Department of Corrections in administrative support.  Currently, I work at the Idaho Transportation Department as a mid-level manager.  I proudly boast that I serve for the Great State of Idaho.

Public service is where my passion burns.  I love to serve people!  I serve as the President of Sunset Neighborhood. I volunteer as often as I can in as many was as I can.  My partner Todd and I teach his children and those around us to leave the World 1- thing-better than you started the day with(or Plus-1 it).  Say hello to a neighbor, pick up a piece of trash, volunteer at a community event, give cookies to the new neighbor.  Selflessly serve the world around you and you will thrive.  This opportunity to serve is like a gift.  It is a present that is worth opening every day!

I am not a politician.  As a matter of fact, I am running this campaign with the support of my family and friends and have no plans to raise funds for my campaign.  This is a citizen’s government and as a citizen I want to demonstrate a citizen can effectively compete.  I seek no endorsement, pledge no alliance and have no personal agenda. I want to serve for you and with you to make Boise a greater place to be part of the community.

Questions, comments, concerns, kudo and even rants:  mydoane@gmail.com