Rachel Misnick

Rachel Misnick grew up in the small town of Hawkeye, IA.  Her father was well known both in town and in the surrounding farming community for many years, taking a lead role in both town planning and volunteering.  Due to her father’s involvement in their town’s leadership, she grew up learning the important role that leadership plays in the well-being of a community and its residents.  Rachel also learned the importance of listening to people’s concerns, learning by listening to varying viewpoints, the value of compromising, and how to hold firm when necessary.

Along with her first husband, who was enlisted in the U.S. Navy, she lived in Florida, New York, Virginia, and finally Idaho in 2003, where she was awarded two degrees from Boise State University in December 2008:  Accounting with Internal Audit Option, and Criminal Justice.  In 2007, she began working for the ID State Tax Commission in progressive positions, and has always made it a point to listen to people and business owners about their concerns, their pride in their businesses, and any difficulties in dealing with the government.  Rachel currently works from home for the Washington DOR and travels regularly to various cities for work.  Her interests include architecture, woodworking, motorcycling, and attending plays and ballets.

Rachel believes that her unique combination of experience in seeing how other cities are managed, her knowledge of internal government processes, and her ability to understand people’s viewpoints would give her the tools necessary to help her adopted city thrive.