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The 2017 City election will be held on November 7 for City Council Seats 2, 4 and 6. Each City Council Seat represents the full population of the City and are not elected by a specific geographic region or population. During each election three of the six members of the City Council shall stand for re-election for a four year term.

Below is information on candidates running for the designated Boise City Council Seats.  New candidate information is posted within 24 to 48 hours of filing. This page will not contain candidate information until the filing period opens on August 28, 2017.

  • Council Seat 2

    • Paul E. Fortin
      Paul E. Fortin More Information

      Paul Fortin, born in Boise Idaho 1951, is a fourth generation Idahoan, second generation Boise firefighter, Vietnam veteran, and 1970 graduate of Bishop Kelly. He is the 4th of 5 children. He comes from humble beginnings having grown up in a 500 sq ft triplex, making trips to his grandparents to take baths.

      In 1978 Paul bought a small house in Boise's North end. After passing the entrance test for the Boise Fire Department at the top of his class he served two years with the department. In 1978 Prop 1 passed and in 1979 Paul and 28 other firefighters were laid off. During the 21 months that Paul was laid off he worked 3 part time jobs and finished his accounting degree from BSU. Then was rehired to the fire department in 1981.

      During his 25-year tenure on the Boise Fire Department, Paul serviced as a line firefighter, emergency medical technician, fire prevention educator and arson investigator. Paul retired in 2005 after years of dedicated service that included his getting Fire Fighter of the Year, for going above and beyond his duties and was an Internationally Certified
      Arson Investigator.

      Paul is running for city council because like you, he love Boise, and he believe we need strong leaders with integrity, and innovative ideas, to propel our city forward. We need thoughtful leadership as we work to solve the issues facing our city and to promote a positive and inclusive climate that attracts business and families. Paul’s experience
      along with a true passion for our community is what's needed to promote this vision. To support growth we need a safe and sustainable infrastructure; to include roads, parks, trails, and open spaces.

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    • Frank Walker
      Frank Walker More Information

      I am a particularly fortunate person.  I met my wife, Annie, while at law school.  It was her desire to return to her hometown of Boise, and I had the good sense to agree.   For 30 years we have lived and worked here and enjoyed the many wonderful opportunities that the City has had to offer.  Our children received excellent public educations and are prospering as young adults.  

      That is why I am running for the Boise City Council, Seat 2.  I want to ensure that my family and yours have the same great opportunities to live and work.  The present Boise City Mayor and Council are progressive and are doing a great job making Boise the most livable city in the nation.  With my knowledge in local government, I will join a team to nurture Boise’s future.

      There are many issues that need to be addressed; health and safety, transportation, affordable housing, neighborhood redevelopment, growth and business development as well as social issues that are being ignored or aggravated at the state and federal levels.  There is a great deal to do, but Boise is in a great position to plan, develop its future and do things right.

      My experience is extensive.  I have been a county commissioner, a city attorney, a hearing officer, served on numerous boards and have represented clients in local matters.  I understand land use and development and have participated in hundreds of hearings over the years.  I know quality applications and will support growth in a smart and sensible way.  I can apply the skills I have learned over 25 years in local government to the vision I hold for the City and work effectively on your behalf.

    • Lisa E. Sanchez
      Lisa E. Sanchez More Information

      I love Boise, it’s been my home for thirty years, and wouldn’t live anywhere else. But my line of work puts me in direct contact with people who are struggling, people who feel left out, and people who are acutely affected by our city’s growing pains.

      My family taught me how to work with a tight budget, and how to keep working even though you feel exhausted. My family also showed me the importance of helping others in the community, because as hard as we had it, we knew there were others who had it worse. I learned that being a PROUD community means being there for each other no matter what.

      In many ways, my upbringing and work experience have been preparing me to serve in this office for just about my whole life: Watching my mother sacrifice her time with her own children in service of the greater good;In my work as a fair housing tester to enforce the Fair Housing Act; In my work as the only Spanish-speaking civil rights investigator for the Idaho Human Rights Commission; In my work with the Girl Scouts to increase services to Native American and Latino communities; and in my current work, helping to connect survivors of domestic violence and child abuse with volunteer lawyers. I know how to help: connecting people to resources and solutions and the right kind of help is my passion. I will bring that to Boise City Council.

      I will work for a Boise that's livable for everyone, and that includes access to affordable housing, safe and strong neighborhoods, and balanced growth that preserves what makes us so special. I will always look to the people of Boise for guidance, and will always view issues through the lens of compassion.

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    • Logan J. Kimball
      Logan J. Kimball More Information

      As a Boise native, I’ve seen our city experience many changes. I believe that as our population continues to grow, the greatest threat we face is a decline in our unique quality of life. However, with the right leadership, I believe Boise’s future can be even brighter than our past.

      Our opinions and ideas for the future of Boise are as diverse as the residents who live here. In my opinion, I believe there are three overarching areas we need to prioritize in order to protect our quality of life.

      Above all else, I want my family, and yours, to live in the safest community possible. I believe we need to commit to better funding and increased support for the Boise Police Department. Boise has always been such a great place to live, work, and raise a family because our citizens feel safe. However, as our population increases, our officers are challenged more than ever. Three officers were shot in the last year alone. By strengthening our first responders, we strengthen every aspect of our community.

      Secondly, we need to reprioritize the areas where we’re currently spending money. Fiscal responsibility is the lifeblood of any successful community and we need to cut wasteful spending in Boise. I believe we need to work to be as efficient as possible while always trying to lower taxes and lessen regulations for our citizens.

      Lastly, with a growth in population comes an inevitable increase in traffic. One of the reasons people love living and working in Boise is the amazing accessibility our city provides. While working to increase accessibility for citizens via all modes of transportation, we need to work towards fiscally responsible solutions that lessen traffic congestion.

      For more information about me, my background, or my stances on issues important in your life, please visit and contact me. I’d be honored to hear your concerns and earn your vote to represent you on the next Boise City Council. God bless you and the City of Trees!



    • Rachel Misnick
      Rachel Misnick More Information

      Rachel Misnick grew up in the small town of Hawkeye, IA.  Her father was well known both in town and in the surrounding farming community for many years, taking a lead role in both town planning and volunteering.  Due to her father’s involvement in their town’s leadership, she grew up learning the important role that leadership plays in the well-being of a community and its residents.  Rachel also learned the importance of listening to people’s concerns, learning by listening to varying viewpoints, the value of compromising, and how to hold firm when necessary.

      Along with her first husband, who was enlisted in the U.S. Navy, she lived in Florida, New York, Virginia, and finally Idaho in 2003, where she was awarded two degrees from Boise State University in December 2008:  Accounting with Internal Audit Option, and Criminal Justice.  In 2007, she began working for the ID State Tax Commission in progressive positions, and has always made it a point to listen to people and business owners about their concerns, their pride in their businesses, and any difficulties in dealing with the government.  Rachel currently works from home for the Washington DOR and travels regularly to various cities for work.  Her interests include architecture, woodworking, motorcycling, and attending plays and ballets.

      Rachel believes that her unique combination of experience in seeing how other cities are managed, her knowledge of internal government processes, and her ability to understand people’s viewpoints would give her the tools necessary to help her adopted city thrive.

  • Council Seat 4

    • TJ Thomson
      TJ Thomson (Incumbent) More Information

      TJ Thomson was elected to the Boise City Council in November 2009 and reelected by Boise voters in 2013. 

      TJ is a proud Idaho native and Air Force Veteran. Following military service, TJ attended Boise State University (BSU), becoming heavily involved in both the Boise community, through volunteer service activities, and the university policy making process, as BSU Student Body President. TJ graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and then continued his studies at Indiana University in Bloomington, earning a Master of Public Affairs (MPA) Degree in Policy Analysis and Public Management. TJ is also a Certified Internal Auditor with the Institute of Internal Auditors.

      TJ has built over a decade of experience as a steward of fiscal responsibility at the federal, state, and private levels. At the federal level, with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) in Washington D.C., he worked as a Space Policy Analyst on NASA programs – focusing heavily on finding tax payer savings on costly government initiatives, as well as improvements to Space Shuttle safety. While working in Washington DC, TJ also served as a Human Rights Commissioner, was trained as a community mediator, and helped organize the annual Martin Luther King Celebration. Upon returning to Idaho, TJ worked for the Idaho Office of Performance Evaluations (OPE) as a Program Evaluator. OPE is a nonpartisan, independent office that serves the Legislature by evaluating whether state government programs and agencies are operating efficiently, could operate more cost-effectively, and are achieving intended results. Presently, TJ works for Idaho Power Company as a Certified Internal Auditor – a role that focuses on the efficient use of resources and the integration of controls to promote ethical and open company practices.

      An engaged citizen, TJ lives in West Boise with his wife, Alisha, and their daughter, Sena. Together, they enjoy the many wonderful aspects of living in Idaho, including: fishing, skiing, and biking & hiking in Boise’s beautiful foothills with their three dogs. The couple also enjoys camping all across Idaho in the great outdoors. Find out more at




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    • Naomi Johnson
      Naomi Johnson More Information

      Naomi Johnson is a proud Idahoan with a strong connection to her community. Born and raised in Twin Falls, she has a vested interest in the rights of Idaho’s people and families. As a community organizer and social worker, she works side by side with residents from all walks of life to improve our community.

      Naomi has tirelessly worked to improve the vitality of her community and the well-being of her community members.  She has organized and hosted open events that aid community involvement surrounding topics of local participation in government, state-political education, and voting education.  She has volunteered for and raised money towards providing education and aid to marginalized groups in the community.  

      Naomi graduated in 2014 with her Masters in Social Work, which provided her an ever-growing platform for civic engagement.  Since 2013, Naomi has provided mental health and case management services as well as crisis services to victims of domestic violence and Veterans.

      Naomi’s focus on issues of social justice and civic engagement, her work as a civic organizer, and her background in social work, provide a platform to aid Boise as it continues to grow and meet the needs and issues of all its community members.

      You can find more information including issue statements and endorsements at

    • Crispin Gravatt
      Crispin Gravatt More Information

      I was born and raised in Idaho. I am the oldest of eight children, and the product of a dedicated public servant mother, hardworking father, and an inspiring stepfather who serves our nation in the armed forces. Currently, I serve the educators and students of Idaho through his work with the Idaho STEM Action Center.

      After graduating from Boise High School, I attended Boise State University. My involvement in campus life began as a student advisor to Boise State’s curriculum update. From there, I helped initiate Bystander Intervention trainings to prevent sexual assault and relationship violence, conducted original research, and mentored students in various topics ranging from community involvement to social justice and volunteerism.

      In 2014, I had the honor of representing ten states and territories as a Human Rights Delegate to an international summit. I learned how to navigate discussions with a broad array of representatives from business, government, diplomatic, and social groups. In this position, I advocated for stronger global support of education for women and girls, for the advancement of LGBT rights, and against the destruction of precious natural resources.

      As a member of City Council, I will ensure the success of all Boise residents by creating strong and sustainable partnerships where none exist now. Boise is thriving for many folks, and I believe it is now our responsibility to share our successes with the neighborhoods and people who are still struggling. By sharing our success, we can ensure that Boise’s future is for everyone.

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    • Nicolas Way
      Nicolas Way More Information

      A Boise native, Nic attended Lewis- Clark State College where he obtained a B.S. in General Studies in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and has been employed at Clearwater Analytics as a Data Quality Analyst since 2016. Nic worked his way through college, holding several jobs including Greenskeeper at Clarkston Golf and Country Club, Crew member at Arby’s, and as an assembler at Alliant TechSystems making rim fire and center fire ammunition. Nic’s commitment to responsible personal finance compelled him to work over 40 hours a week to support himself in college.

      Nic is a strong advocate for volunteerism, having volunteered at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, the Ada County GOP, and Watershed Boise. He strongly believes that a collection of private citizens are better equipped than to accommodate the needs of the less fortunate than a government entity.

      Nic was inspired to run for city council due to a lack of representation for the interests of any part of Boise that is not a CCDC district, and to rein in frivolous spending on urban renewal projects like a downtown stadium. Furthermore, as a conservative Christian, Nic believes that every civic leader should have a deep yearning to honor God in all things. Consequently, Nic prioritizes the need for all of Boise’s citizens to get fair representation on city council, not just affluent real estate developers and their associates. Let’s work together to make Boise better.

  • Council Seat 6

    • Holli Woodings
      Holli Woodings More Information

      I believe that Boise is a great place to raise a family, start or grow a business, and inspire the next generation of young leaders. Keeping our community strong is what drives me to give back through public service.

      A graduate of Boise State University, I served as a State Representative for District 19 in Idaho’s 72nd Legislature. Prior to that, I helped develop and finance Idaho’s largest wind energy farm. My experience working to promote renewable energy led me to found Woodings Group, a consultancy specializing in startup energy companies and to co-found the Idaho Clean Energy Association. In 2013, I was honored as one of Idaho Business Review’s Women of the Year.

      My continued community service includes serving as Board Chair for Girl Scouts of Silver Sage, a board member of the Boise State Foundation, and on the board of advisors for Idaho Women in Leadership. And my past volunteer service has included a term as president of the North End Neighborhood Association, where I helped craft “Blueprint Boise” as the neighborhood association representative. I have also volunteered for many local organizations including Boise State Venture College, NEW Leadership Idaho, and the first  Yes! For Boise Schools campaign.

      I live in East Boise with my husband, Ryan, and our two children. We enjoy walking and biking the Greenbelt and Foothills, using the Boise Public Library system, visiting parks like the Esther Simplot Park, and enjoying the vibrant arts and cultural events around the city (usually on our bikes!). 

    • Caleb Hansen
      Caleb Hansen More Information

      Caleb Hansen is a hard working small business owner and community leader. He’s a dedicated advocate for affordability, livability, community engagement, and creating and maintaining a city which is safe and welcoming to all residents regardless of race, gender, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion, past military service, and immigration status. In 2016 Caleb was entrusted with one of four key roles leading the largest political caucus in the nation's history. He’s worked successfully to open the political process and has volunteered his time helping to protect the sovereignty of Tribal Nations. Caleb’s a leader in Idaho's Add the Words movement, educating, lobbying, and engaging to end discrimination against gay and transgender Idahoans. In 2016 Caleb served on the Democratic National Convention’s credentials committee, ensuring participation by independent voters and delegates of all political backgrounds. Like thousands of other Boiseans, Caleb lives within the area of impact of the F35 fighter jets. He’s concerned politics not take precedence over long term increases in stress and noise levels in neighborhoods across the city. One of the biggest challenges Boise faces is maintaining affordability to keep our city livable for all. From increasing public transportation and low cost housing options, to addressing increasing property taxes, and scaling fines and fees to income, it’s time for the city to better focus on improving wages and the economy by promoting local businesses. Affordability needs to be a priority for Boise now in ways it’s never been before.

    • Michelle Doane
      Michelle Doane More Information

      On November 2, 1998, as I drove the U-haul from Idaho Falls and crested the hill by Blacks Creek Rest Area the lights of Boise touched my soul and I knew I was home. 

      I moved to Boise to start a new job with CSHQA architects and engineers.  Part of my new job was to present convenience store development projects to Design Review committees, Planning and Zoning committees and City Councils.  Although none were in Boise or even Idaho, it ignited in me an interest in city government and public process.  In the same year I came to Boise my stepfather, Don Pischner, was re-elected to his third term in the Idaho Legislature as House Representative for District 4.  His involvement in state government only added to my interest. 

      In 2006, I made the move from private industry to public service at the Idaho Department of Corrections in administrative support.  Currently, I work at the Idaho Transportation Department as a mid-level manager.  I proudly boast that I serve for the Great State of Idaho.

      Public service is where my passion burns.  I love to serve people!  I serve as the President of Sunset Neighborhood. I volunteer as often as I can in as many was as I can.  My partner Todd and I teach his children and those around us to leave the World 1- thing-better than you started the day with(or Plus-1 it).  Say hello to a neighbor, pick up a piece of trash, volunteer at a community event, give cookies to the new neighbor.  Selflessly serve the world around you and you will thrive.  This opportunity to serve is like a gift.  It is a present that is worth opening every day!

      I am not a politician.  As a matter of fact, I am running this campaign with the support of my family and friends and have no plans to raise funds for my campaign.  This is a citizen’s government and as a citizen I want to demonstrate a citizen can effectively compete.  I seek no endorsement, pledge no alliance and have no personal agenda. I want to serve for you and with you to make Boise a greater place to be part of the community.

      Questions, comments, concerns, kudo and even rants:

    • Nicholas Jones
      Nicholas Jones More Information

      Idaho Native, Nicholas Jones, is an energetic, passionate and experienced entrepreneur with a vested interest in the success of locally grown businesses, the rights of all Idaho residents and maintaining a peaceful and happy community. 

      Nicholas has a strong desire to help others succeed, which is ingrained in his being and demonstrated by the countless volunteer hours he has dedicated to the many nonprofit boards of directors he's has served on and is serving on, including the Idaho Black History Museum and Bethel Ministries. Additionally, aligning with his desire to help others, Nicholas teaches Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking full-time at Boise State University.

      Nicholas has an enduring belief in family. His favorite activities include spending time with his wife, Amelia, and his eight-year-old daughter, Jaime. He enjoys every minute of it... family hikes, board game nights, long bike rides and My Little Pony binges included. 

      Nicholas graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2013 with an MBA in Entrepunreship and Marketing, providing him with endless opportunities for influencing good in the Boise community. Since 2013, Nicholas has started and grown multiple businesses in the Treasure Valley that have helped provide many needed jobs. His entrepreneurial experience, passion for family values and drive to adapt and learn set him on a solid foundation to help Boise grow and meet the needs of its residents.