The Office of the City Clerk

An administrative public-service division that maintains a complete and accurate record of all City Council proceedings; preserves and presents vital city records; conducts city-wide elections; supports the legislative work of the Mayor and the City Council; codifies and presents the code of city ordinances; publishes legal and public notices; regulates specific business activities, animals, and child care facilities; and provides prompt and courteous service to city residents, the Mayor. the City Council and city staff.

Corporate Secretary
As the secretary of the Municipal Corporation, the City Clerk is responsible for the preparation, reproduction, distribution and archiving of the City Council Work Session Agenda, City Council Agenda, Council Minutes, Public Hearing Schedule, agenda packet material, and other related documents. Information on providing Public Testimony to the City Council is available online. Our office is responsible for the preparation, distribution and archiving of the City Code.

City Council Live
City residents now have the opportunity to view every city council meeting live via the web. To view the current council meeting, just  click here on the picture to the right when the meeting is in session (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th Tuesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. and the 4th Tuesday at Noon) For Comments and Suggestions concerning Council Live Broadcasts please click on feedback.

City Elections
The City Clerk's primary responsibilities include overseeing caqndidate filing, forwarding information about candidates and ballot measures to the county clerk's office, and assisting and answering questions from citizens and county election staff. For current and historical election information please visit the elections webpage.

City Records
As the city's records manager, the City Clerk manages the official record center for all city Ordinances and Resolutions, Document Recordings, Annexations, Legal Notices and Publications, Contracts, Council Minutes and all other documents adopted by the City Council. Our office handles all Public Information Requests for these documents and has a record of all Council actions available online from 1983-1990 and 1991-1995. Our Records Center provides storage and indexing of vital city records from a variety of City Departments and Divisions.

Business, Animal, and Child Care Licensing
As the city's licensing official, the City Clerk oversees the regulation of specific types of Business Activities, Animals, and Child Care Facilities and Workers. Our licensing program provides a basic level of consumer protection, encourages quality child care and funds the animal control program.

Professional Associations
The City Clerk represents the City of Boise within the Association of Idaho Cities as a member of the Idaho City Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officers Association (ICCTFOA). This network allows the City Clerk to represent issues of local importance to leaders within Ada County, the State of Idaho, and the United States Federal Government.

Customer Service Feedback
We are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible to our City Leaders, our fellow City Staff, the Citizens of Boise, and the public at-large. If you have any comments or suggestions concerning our website, our staff, our programs or our service please click here and send them to us, Thank-you