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Animal Licensing supports the cost of animal control within the City of Boise. A benefit of having your dog licensed is if the dog is lost and someone finds it, they can call the City Clerk's office and provide the dog's license number and we can provide the owner's contact information so the dog can be returned. The City Clerk's office returns hundreds of dogs a year to their owners.

When you apply for a dog license, you will need to do the following:

  • Submit with animal information to the City Clerk's Office;
  • Include a copy of the dog's spay/neuter papers to qualify for the discount;
  • Include proof of owner's age (i.e. driver's license) to qualify for the "senior" discount;
  • Pay the licensing fee in accordance with Boise City Code Title 6, Chapter 7
Licensing Fees
  • Regular License...............................$55.00 (Dog over one year of age)
  • Regular License...............................$28.50 (Dog under one year of age and not spayed or neutered)
  • Spay/Neutered License ..................$21.75 (proof required)
  • Senior Citizen License  ...................$11.25  (Dog owner 65 years or older and dog spayed or neutered)  

Customers can download the Animal License Application and request a license through the mail by submitting the application, spay/neuter proof, rabies proof, and a check (payable to the "City of Boise").


Other Locations 

Pet licenses are issued at Boise City Hall, 150 North Capitol Blvd., (208-384-3710). There are a number of neighborhood locations throughout the city that issues pet licenses on a walk-in basis:

Office of the City Clerk 150 N. Capitol Blvd. (208) 972-8150
Ada Veterinary Hospital 4204 W. Overland Rd. (208) 344-5900
Bench Animal Hospital 5302 Franklin Rd. (208) 345-6771
Companions Animal Hospital 2802 Broadway (208) 389-9111
Critter Clinic 10546 W. Ustick Rd. (208) 323-1210
Eastgate Pet Clinic 626 E. Boise Ave. (208) 336-3278
Ewing Animal Hospital 2318 N. 36th St. (208) 342-5551
Idaho Humane Society 4833 Dorman (208) 342-3508
Mountain View Animal Hospital 3435 N. Cole Rd. (208) 375-0251
Northwest Animal Hospital 7107 Fairview Ave. (208) 375-2700
Orchard Animal Clinic 110 N. Orchard St. (208) 376-4433
Vista Animal Hospital 1985 Vista Ave. (208) 343-3711