Safe and Sane Fireworks Stand Permits

(June 15th - July 4th and December 15th -  January 1st)

Application Processing and Site Inspection

After your application is processed by the City Clerk's office, your license will be given to a City Fire Inspector, who will provide the license to you after they have completed your site inspection (stand and inventory) and you have passed.  Any questions concerning the acceptability of individual fireworks or the layout of the stand can be directed to the Boise City Fire Department, Office of the Fire Marshall.  Application Fee is $28.00 and the Inspection Fee is $25.00.

Time Standards for Erection of Fireworks Stands

Fourth of July firework stands shall not be erected prior to June 15th.
New Year's Eve firework stands shall not be erected prior to December 15th.

Time Standards for Sale of Fireworks

Non aerial common safe and sane fireworks may be sold at retail and used beginning at midnight June 23 and ending at midnight July 5; and beginning at midnight December 26 and ending at midnight, January 1.

Time Standards for Removal of Fireworks Stands

Stands are to be removed by 12:00 noon on July 6th for the July 4th holiday and by January 3rd for the January 1st holiday.

Licensing Prerequisites

  • Cash Bond:  This certificate requires that a cash bond in the amount of $135.00 is placed with the Boise City Clerk's office.  This will be refunded if the site is cleaned up by the required date.
  • Insurance:  Each application for a "safe and sane fireworks permit" shall have filed with the clerk a liability insurance policy of at least one hundred thousand dollars ($1000,000.00) per occurrence aggregate bodily and one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) per occurrence aggregate property damage, or personal injury.
  • Lot Diagram - see Code Section 7-31-15
  • P & Z Inspection
  • Fire Inspection
  • Building Inspection (electrical only) see Code Section 7-31-15

City Code

Boise City Code

Within the City of Boise "Fireworks" are defined to include blank cartridges, toy pistols, toy cannons, toy canes or toy guns in which explosives are used, fire balloons, balloons of a type which have burning material of any kind attached thereto or which require fire underneath to propel them, firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, rockets, Roman candles, fountains, wheels, Dago bombs, sparklers, and other fireworks of like construction and any fireworks containing any combustible or explosive substance for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, deflagration, explosion or detonations.  Exempted from this part are all toy pistols, toy cannons, toy canes and toy guns and similar devices such as party poppers or party favors in which paper caps containing not more than twenty five hundredths (.25) grains of explosive compound per cap are used and such cap whether single, roll, or tape type.

Within the City of Boise "Dangerous Fireworks" include any of the following:

  • Firecrackers, cannon crackers, giant crackers, salutes, silver tube salutes, cherry bombs, mines, ground bombardment, grass-hoppers, ground-blooms and other explosive articles of similar nature;
  • Blank cartridges;
  • Skyrockets and rockets, including all similar devices employing any combustible or explosive material and which rise in the air during discharge; Exception: Ground Spinners, chasers, including all devices which dart or travel about the surface of the ground during discharge shall not exceed 12 inches or vertical movement at any time.
  • Roman candles, including all devices which discharge ball of fire into the air;
  • Chasers and whistles, including all devices which dart or travel about the surface of the ground during discharge;
  • Snakes and hats containing bichloride of mercury.
  • Sparkles more than ten inches (10") in total length or one quarter inch (1/4") in diameter.
  • All articles for pyrotechnic display such as aerial shells, salutes, flash shells, sky battles, parachute shells, mines, Dago Bombs and similar devices; Exception:Parachute shells including all ground to air projectiles that deploy a parachute and do not carry a flame, ember, spark, or any pyrotechnic discharge.  Vertical movement of the projectile shall be restricted to twenty feet (20').
  • All torpedoes which explode by means of friction, or which contain arsenic, and all other similar fireworks devices including cracker balls;
  • Fire balloons or balloons of any type which have burning material of any kind attached thereto.

Within the City of Boise "Safe and Sane Fireworks" includes any pyrotechnic device that meets the following requirements:

  • The product shall be "listed" by the Boise City Fire Department.
  • Testing (if required) shall be conducted using the following criteria:
  • The item must not leave the ground or move laterally beyond a ten-foot radius except as stated in Section 7-31-2 C.
  • The pyrotechnic discharge from the item shall not extend beyond a twenty-foot (20') radius both vertically and laterally.
  • The combined movement and pyrotechnic discharge or any device shall not extend beyond a twenty feet (20') radius vertically or laterally.
  • The product shall be "listed" in the Boise Fire Department's approved fireworks pamphlet.