Other License Types

The City of Boise regulates specific types of businesses to maintain the health, safety and general welfare of the public. If you engage in any of the business activities, you are required to maintain a valid, unexpired business license.

Auction and Auctioneers Application

The Auction Application is for any person desiring to engage in business as an auction house or to conduct an auction.

Fireworks Stand Permit

The Fireworks Stand Permit is for any person or business that wishes to operate a fireworks stand. Stands are only allowed June 15 - July 4 and December 15 - January 1. 

Going Out of Business Application

The Going Out of Business Application is for any business that is holding a going out of business sale.

Massage Establishment Application*

The Massage Establishment Application is for any business of two or more individuals or a partnership, firm, association, corporation, or business entity that  that is operating a business that provides massage or massage therapy.

Pawn or Precious Metals Sales Application

The Pawn or Precious Metal Sales Application is for all persons engaged in the business of a pawnbroker or precious metal sales.

Tree Pruning or Removal Application

The Tree Pruning or Removal Application is for any person who wishes to engage in the trade or commercial business of pruning or removing trees located on public property.

Vendor Application*

The Vendor Application is for temporary merchants, food cart vendors, special event vendors and solicitors. 

* Requires a background check and fingerprinting, which must be performed at Boise City Hall (150 N. Capitol Blvd.) before the license can be issued.