Taxi Vehicles Licensing

Taxi Vehicle License Prerequisites

  • Unique Vehicle Color Scheme approved by the City Clerk's Office. (Must be done prior to application) See below.
  • Vehicle registration
  • Certificate of liability insurance for each vehicle ($500,000).
  • Be at least 18 years of age and the bona fide owner or lessee of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Taxi Number assignment. (Taxi numbers will not be given out until the application fee is paid)
  • Vehicle inspection signed by the City Shop.
  • Sealed and Calibrated Taxi Meter and Permanently affixed and Operational Hood (Top) light.

This license is good for the vehicle only and all vehicles used by the business have to be licensed separately, and all drivers must have a valid city taxicab drivers license.

Taxi Vehicle Inspections

  • Inspection Fee: Found in the City Clerks Fee Schedule
    (this is paid to the City during the first Quarter only.)
  • Expiration: Quarterly
  • Vehicle Registration and valid Ada County Emissions Test.
  • All vehicle inspections must be completed before the expiration of the current Vehicle Inspection license!
  • 1st Quarter Inspections are done by pre-arranged appointment only.  Call 384-3710 for information.
  • The following is a list of authorized commercial inspection shops that will perform vehicle inspections for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters:
    • Big "O" Tires
      • 1422 Main St, 342-5525
      • 2013 S. Broadway Ave, 345-7361
      • 7199 W. Fairview Ave, 376-3422
      • 4602 W. State St., 366-4332
    • Bruneel Auto Service, 716 Vista Ave
    • Dale's Sinclair 2602 S. Vista
    • Boise Tire Company, Inc
      • 6730 Glenwood, (Glenwood & State), 853-8473
      • 10611 Fairview Ave, (Fairview & Five Mile), 322-7701
      • 2566 Broadway Ave, (Linden & Broadway), 342-7001
      • 1404 S. Orchard, (Just off Overland), 342-9308

Taxi Driver License Prerequisites

Those applicants who require a full FBI fingerprint check to qualify for a license can expect a 3 to 4 week processing time before our office can issue you a regular license.

  • Pass a Driver's Geographic and Knowledge Test. (you must pass to apply)
  • Acceptable forms of proof for residency are Idaho State Drivers License, Idaho State Concealed Weapons Permit, Tax Records, and Passport with Idaho Address, Pay Stub, W-2 with Idaho Address.
  • Valid Idaho Drivers License.
  • DOT Medical Card (the exam must be valid for the full term of the license).
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Completed Police Background check.
  • This license is good for the drivers only, all business (vehicles) have to be licensed separately.
  • Boise City Taxicab Drivers license must be posted in your vehicle in plain view of the customer.
  • Drivers must adhere to the established dress code at all times as specified in Boise City Code 5-24-25 except shorts (knee length) may be worn only if they are clean with no tears or frays.

Taxi Color Scheme Approval Policy

Each owner of a licensed taxicab vehicle or fleet of vehicles shall submit a distinctive and uniform color scheme to the City Clerk for approval prior to making application for a taxicab license under Title 5 of the Boise City Code. Each designated color scheme shall not conflict with or imitate any color scheme, monogram, name or insignia used by another concern, unless approved by such concern, in such a manner as to be misleading or tend to deceive or defraud the public. The body of each taxicab shall have, painted upon it or permanently affixed to it by means of a plate or other device approved by the City Clerk, the trade name under which the owner operates, together with the cab number of the vehicle. All the lettering mentioned in this paragraph shall not be less than two inches (2") in height. New, additional or repainted vehicles will conform to the approved scheme, and all vehicles shall display the approved scheme, trade name and cab number at the time of inspection. If you have any questions regarding the approved color schemes of any licensed Boise City taxi company, please call Alex Charlton or Andrew Haworth at 972-8150.